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Outsmart your Pain! The Essential Guide to Overcoming Pain and Transforming Your Life is a groundbreaking blueprint to master pain and become the best, most unshakable version of yourself. You will gain valuable insights into the neuroscience of the mind-body connection, learn to identify your unique pain and stress triggers, and be introduced to effective strategies to manage your mind, body and emotions.

NEW RELEASE! Outsmart Your Pain!

This new book contains groundbreaking information about how your nervous system and your mental and emotional state can trigger, exacerbate, or even extend the duration of your physical pain. Outsmart Your Pain explains the neurophysiology of the mind body connection in such a way that you see the clear benefits of making potent changes that help you achieve a better balance in your life.

You will learn that stress and pain are flip sides of the same coin and that by learning to recognize the early warning signs of stress you can avoid unnecessary suffering. Furthermore the book explains how pain can become a habit and how we can change that habit. By learning the various ways pain playout out in your life you will learn to both overcome and outsmart your pain by controlling it and even growing beyond it.

These are just a few of the overarching messages in this paradigm-shifting new book.

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Meet Lisa Barr, M.D.

Dr. Lisa Barr

Advancing Pain Treatment

Dr. Lisa Barr builds on her thirty years of medical practice by constantly incorporating new scientifically grounded philosophies and treatments to help people in pain. She focus on paradigm shifting regenerative medicine techniques as well as integrative methods of care that empower rather than enable.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Barr is a highly regarded practitioner in the growing movement of Functional Medicine.  This training involves a whole new way of treating illness and has the goal of shaping our health care system in a new direction: one that is solution-focused and not problem-focused. One based on health care and not sick care. Join the Functional Medicine movement and learn how Functional Medicine can help you overcome old health issues that derail your quality of life.

Bridge to Healing

Dr. Barr is armed with new information to teach you about pain and she has many techniques to help you overcome it. If you are limited by pain and you are interested in a transformative health experience then Dr. Barr welcomes the opportunity to serve you. Her clinical practice is located in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“Treating pain is not a one size fits all approach.
Everyone’s pain is different and must be mastered uniquely.”


“I was in a car accident and was treated by two different doctors. I felt like a ping pong ball being bounced back and forth. They both said they would not do anything more after one year of pain in my left shoulder. My primary care doctor sent me to APM to see Dr. Lisa Barr. I was amazed that after my first treatment I could lift my arm with no pain. I continued treatment with APM with Prolo-therapy. I wish I would have seen Dr. Barr sooner. If you want pain to go away, visit APM and you will get the results you have been waiting for. Thanks, Dr. Barr and APM. I can enjoy my life again.”
“Broke my spine in 2004. Since then I continue with PT and have different spinal blocks and have had prolo-therapy twice before. Now in 2012 I was in a lot of pain with my SI joints, so Dr. Barr again recommended prolo. Discouraged, I agreed. Wow, after 3 sessions I am pain-free with little aches due to weather changes. First time in years, I’m pain free and happy.”
“In September 2011 I injured my right shoulder. I knew immediately I tore something. After 6 months of unsuccessful treatment, cortisone shots, physical therapy, I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Barr. I have received 3 PRP injections under Dr. Barr’s care. She was gentle and encouraging. Her staff is kind and compassionate. I am almost pain-free working my physical therapy program to continue building my strength and stability back. For the first time in a tear, I am able to sleep on my right side again. Thank you Dr. Barr and your staff.”
“I was having trouble with the arthritis in my lower spine. The pain was in my lower back and down my legs. Celebrex and pain meds were not helping. Dr. barr treated me with PRP. Within 2 days the pain in my legs and back was almost completely gone. The only pain medicine I now use is Tylenol – 4 tablets a day.”


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“If the only thing you have in your toolbox is a hammer,
then everything’s going to look like a nail.”

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A teacher and healer at heart, Dr. Barr is interested in helping people understand the mind-body connection, refining the therapeutic partnership between doctor and patient, and guiding people to take ownership of their health. She often works collaboratively with physical therapists, behavioral health practitioners, and other healers to make healing accessible to those who suffer in pain. She welcomes the opportunity to consult with patients who have pain. She does not, however, practice addiction medicine and she rarely uses narcotics as a long term treatment for pain. She does teach ‘pain literacy’- consulting with healthcare organizations and institutions motivated to promote better strategies to solve the pain pandemic. She is also available as a keynote speaker.

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